This site has everything mikey has done. All works are free, organized in categories below. Contact me here.

  original visual novels
Most of mikey's time goes into creating these, and he was the producer, director, and (in almost all cases) also the writer for them. These original visual novels (VNs) have started in 2004 as means of mikey's artistic self-expression (Original 22 series), and after 2015 becoming mikey's primary hobby (Renewal / Casual series). They are the main reason ATP Projects exists.

  contributions to visual novels
  podcast episodes
Apart from making his own, mikey also contributed to and/or translated other people's visual novels. At one point mikey was the co-host of a visual novel podcast.

  articles and related publishing
  photo projects
Over the years mikey has written many articles about VN making, and a variety of other topics. This section also has all miscellaneous undertakings like VN jams, statistics, and uncategorized activities. mikey's secondary hobby is photography, mainly focusing on macro shots of small things, often with his own creations or arrangements.

  gameplay videos
Occasional recordings of mikey playing games, focused on peaceful exploration / sightseeing. Sometimes mikey just translates a TV series for fun.

You can also see related content in the fan works section.


The name ATP comes from "Anime Text Page", which was a website created by mikey in 2001 and hosted plain text lists of anime and later visual novel titles. In 2004 the first creative "project" by mikey was released (the "Black Pencil" visual novel) under the banner of "ATP Projects". The focus then quickly shifted to visual novels and as less and less lists were made, the site was renamed to "ATP Projects" later in 2004 as well. The name "ATP Projects" has been kept ever since, and is now used as home for all of mikey's activities.