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An overview of all of mikey's projects and activities, in reverse chronological order.

Release Category Name

2024-04-20VN TranslationNikolas a Mikulas [EN]

2023-12-02Photo ProjectPenshooter IV
2023-11-19Photo ProjectDaylight Reef
2023-10-27publishing (On Making VNs)3x Ren'Ai Reloaded
2023-10-15Gameplay VideoThe Golden Plane
2023-10-15Photo ProjectShelterwood Forest
2023-10-15Gameplay VideoMiyabi Morning
2023-08-28Original Visual NovelGokigen Na Schmetterlinge
2023-05-14Original Visual NovelStand Still
2023-04-29Original Visual NovelNever Die A Spy
2023-01-01publishing (On Making VNs)Contributions to VNDev Wiki

2022-09-10Original Visual NovelKingdom Of The Ants
2022-07-04publishing (On Making VNs)The Ultimate VN Jam Advice
2022-07-01publishing (On Making VNs)OtomeJam 2022 Quick Statistics
2022-04-05publishing (On Making VNs)VN Creators Introspection Survey 2022
2022-01-17Photo Challenge31111001
2022-01-01publishing (On Making VNs)Visual Novel Jams 2021

2021-12-20VN TranslationUltramarine Turtle's Dream
2021-12-12Original Visual NovelSt. Nozomi
2021-11-05Photo ProjectUnchanged Hometown
2021-10-31Photo ProjectSeashift Bay
2021-08-30publishing (On Making VNs)O2A2 Rules Wrap-Up 2020-2021
2021-08-20publishing (On Making VNs)What VN Jam Statistics Tell Us
2021-07-18publishing (On Making VNs)O2A2 (Again!) VN Jam Summary
2021-07-15Original Visual NovelBullet Call
2021-07-01publishing (On Making VNs)OtomeJam 2021 Completion Statistics
2021-06-25publishing (On Making VNs)O2A2 2020 Visual Novel Screenshots
2021-06-14Photo ProjectGoodbye, Nanako
2021-05-27publishing (On Making VNs)DevTalk Weekly Progress Call Statistics
2021-05-22publishing (On Making VNs)How To Organize
2021-04-27Original Visual NovelFull Bloom
2021-04-03publishing (On Making VNs)NaNoRenO 2021 Completion Statistics
2021-03-20Photo ProjectDo You Remember The Gardens?
2021-03-16publishing (On Making VNs)Layers of Productivity
2021-03-11Photo ProjectMuscle Memory
2021-03-07Photo ProjectThe Lei Spec
2021-03-01publishing (On Making VNs)Valentine's VN Jam Completion Statistics
2021-01-31publishing (On Making VNs)The Origin of NaNoRenO
2021-01-25publishing (On Making VNs)NaNoRenO 2020 Completion Statistics

2020-12-22Original Visual NovelYes, The Snow.
2020-12-15Photo ProjectPenshooter III
2020-12-06Original Visual NovelAces Of Ring
2020-11-17Gameplay VideoSundriver
2020-11-09Gameplay VideoDays of Rain
2020-07-16publishing (On Making VNs)The True Story of Teresa Santos
2020-07-12publishing (On Making VNs)VN Creators Introspection Survey
2020-05-17publishing (On Making VNs)O2A2 visual novel jam
2020-05-11Original Visual NovelChiyoda
2020-03-30Original Visual NovelAnother Aurelie
2020-03-29Original Visual NovelWeekend Fever

2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 13/13 - Memories of Summer
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 12/13 - Escalation
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 11/13 - Safari
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 10/13 - The Ghost Maiden
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 9/13 - The Double
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 8/13 - Underground
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 7/13 - Hell's Gate
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 6/13 - The Perfume
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 5/13 - Among Friends
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 4/13 - SOS
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 3/13 - A Message
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 2/13 - Angel of Mercy
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 1/13 - The Arrival
2019-06-09Original Visual NovelMiseria RPG
2019-03-29Original Visual NovelAir Divers
2019-03-14Original Visual NovelThe History of Zakrainian Literature

2018-12-28Gameplay VideoStuck With You
2018-12-03publishing (On Making VNs)My Free Time... Over Time
2018-11-02Gameplay VideoThe Pentalogy of Harriette and Ortega Sky
2018-08-18Gameplay VideoThe Cautious Driver in Tokyo
2018-02-04Gameplay VideoAnt and I
2018-01-11Gameplay VideoStrong Style With Sarah
2018-01-11Original Visual NovelThe Swerve

2017-10-31publishing (On Making VNs)Future Plans
2017-10-20Original Visual NovelHeatwalker
2017-09-21Gameplay VideoSakura Slowdown
2017-05-18publishing (On Making VNs)My Year Of Less
2017-05-12Photo Challenge333 Kei
2017-05-12publishing (On Making VNs)VNCast
2017-04-27publishing (On Making VNs)NaNoRenO 2017 Completion Stats
2017-04-13Original Visual NovelThe Sorrows Of Young Werther
2017-04-13Original Visual NovelOliver Renhelf
2017-03-28publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.30/30 Character Creation
2017-03-26publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.29/30 Cliches, Stereotypes and Archetypes
2017-03-16Photo ProjectPenshooter II
2017-01-09publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.28/30 Physical Intimacy

2016-12-29publishing (Review)Pokemon Sun Review
2016-12-24publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.27/30 Intimacy In Visual Novels
2016-11-17publishing (On Making VNs)Things I've given up
2016-10-31Art ChallengeInktober 2016
2016-08-14publishing (On Making VNs)Caring About Your Ugly Self
2016-07-25publishing (On Making VNs)Time Not Saved
2016-07-22Original Visual NovelHelena's Rejection
2016-07-11publishing (On Making VNs)About my "retirement"
2016-07-05publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.26/30 Making VNs For A Game Jam
2016-07-05Original Visual NovelInferior
2016-05-16publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.25/30 Names In Your VN
2016-04-21Photo ProjectThe Playshooter
2016-04-19publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.24/30 The EVN Community
2016-04-04Original Visual NovelThe Photographer
2016-03-29Original Visual NovelVerX
2016-03-26Original Visual NovelDays Of The Hydrangea Path
2016-03-21publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.23/30 Personal Growth
2016-03-13Original Visual NovelLa Coursiere
2016-03-04Original Visual NovelTemperance
2016-02-28Original Visual NovelTrauma Bridge
2016-02-13Photo ProjectThe Pen Shooter
2016-02-08publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.22/30 How To Be A Better Visual Novel Player
2016-02-07publishing (On Making VNs)How Many Questions?
2016-01-17publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.21/30 Non-VN Story Games... And Pokemon!

2015-12-29publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.20/30 How To Keep A Team Together
2015-11-20publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.19/30 Viewpoints Part 2
2015-11-05publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.18/30 Viewpoints Part 1
2015-09-13publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.17/30 Lots To Say, So Little Time
2015-08-16publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.16/30 Unrealistic Protagonists
2015-08-02publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.15/30 Writing Q and A With mikey And Kuiper
2015-07-19publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.14/30 Music And Audio In Your Visual Novel
2015-07-05publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.13/30 Homage Or Ripoff
2015-06-21publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.12/30 Acclaim And Popularity
2015-06-07publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.11/30 Graphic Design Part 2
2015-05-25publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.10/30 Graphic Design Part 1
2015-05-10publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.9/30 Pigeons, Klingons, and Dinosaurs
2015-04-26publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.8/30 Loose Ends
2015-04-12publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.1/30 On Procrastination
2015-03-29publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.7/30 Time And Energy
2015-03-21publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.6/30 Genres Vs. Creators
2015-03-17publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.5/30 Criticism And Critique Part 2
2015-03-15publishing (On Making VNs)The Last-Minute VN
2015-02-28Original Visual NovelAurora Fall
2015-02-28publishing (On Making VNs)Aurora Fall Release Post
2015-01-20publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.4/30 Criticism And Critique Part 1

2014-12-15publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.3/30 Your Visual Novel In The Future
2014-11-26publishing (The Buzz VNP)Ep.2/30 Why You Should Create Visual Novels
2014-09-24publishing (All My Pens)Pen Number One Redux
2014-09-18publishing (All My Pens)Guidance In Doubt
2014-09-10publishing (All My Pens)True Reveal
2014-09-10publishing (All My Pens)Temporary Shell
2014-09-01publishing (All My Pens)Rain Drops
2014-08-27publishing (All My Pens)Toxic
2014-08-23publishing (All My Pens)Heart Broken
2014-08-16publishing (All My Pens)Seen From A Distance

2013-06-19publishing (On Making VNs)No Way To Live
2013-05-29publishing (On Making VNs)The SSV Project
2013-03-29publishing (On Making VNs)Back To The Old Days
2013-03-13publishing (On Making VNs)Around Cape Mimony
2013-02-18publishing (On Making VNs)Time And Place Redux
2013-01-18VN TranslationSolitude EN
2013-01-08publishing (On Making VNs)Children
2013-01-03publishing (On Making VNs)What I Use

2012-12-07publishing (On Making VNs)VN Creation Is An RPG
2012-11-24publishing (On Making VNs)What's In 1,5 GB
2012-10-25publishing (On Making VNs)Re-Launch! The Aurora Fall Development Blog
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)Umeda Sky
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)Aurora Fall
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)Anthridercynantide
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)Old-Timer
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)The Morane Crisis
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)Heiress II
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)The Scaglietti
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)One Million Kisses
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)Closing This Blog
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)EVEning Course
2012-09-00publishing (On Making VNs)Time's Tear
2012-09-06publishing (On Making VNs)Finality
2012-09-06publishing (On Making VNs)The Question
2012-09-04publishing (On Making VNs)Embraced By Green
2012-09-03publishing (On Making VNs)The Elements Of Experience
2012-08-30publishing (On Making VNs)Ori, Ochi, Onoe.
2012-08-01publishing (On Making VNs)Secretary Of Death
2012-08-01publishing (On Making VNs)Compulsion, Perfection, Beliefs, and Perpetuity
2012-01-26publishing (On Making VNs)CZ SK BG Final List
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)Idol/TYPE
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)Gakuen Redux
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)Memories
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)Transfer Teacher
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)Milk Swim
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)The Logic Of Bias
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)Marry Me, Misato!
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)K*A*O*R*I
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)Ambition, Acclaim, and Popularity
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)River Trap
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)Black Pencil
2012-00-00publishing (On Making VNs)Introductions Are In Order

2011-08-06Original Visual NovelUmeda Sky
2011-08-03Original Visual NovelAnthridercynantide
2011-08-02VN ContributionS.Y.T.Y.W.T.M.A.V.N.
2011-04-23publishing (On Making VNs)A Real Happy Ending
2011-03-21publishing (On Making VNs)An Introduction To Aurora Fall (reworked)
2011-03-20publishing (On Making VNs)OELVN Resources Final Lists

2010-10-31Original Visual NovelLook Twice
2010-08-14Original Visual NovelOld-Timer
2010-04-15publishing (On Making VNs)An Introduction To Aurora Fall
2010-02-01publishing (On Making VNs)The Great OELVN Is Dead

2009-12-31publishing (On Making VNs)The Jerk's Word For Balance
2009-12-25Original Visual NovelThe Garden Society: Kykuit 2009
2009-12-20Original Visual NovelThe Morane Crisis
2009-10-30publishing (On Making VNs)As Easy As Death
2009-08-30publishing (On Making VNs)The Divided Girl
2009-06-16publishing (On Making VNs)Accepting A Storytelling Technique
2009-05-31VN TranslationThe Question Multiversion
2009-05-24Photo ChallengeSakura Saku 2009
2009-05-14publishing (On Making VNs)Take A Step Back, See Your Soulmates
2009-03-31Original Visual NovelHeiress II
2009-03-22VN TranslationThe Garden Society: Kykuit SK
2009-03-20Original Visual NovelThe Scaglietti

2008-11-16VN TranslationRipples SK
2008-10-11Original Visual NovelOne Million Kisses
2008-03-01VN TranslationProject Nattsu SK
2008-01-30Original Visual NovelEVEning Course
2008-01-08publishing (Review)Ridge Racer Type 4

2007-12-19publishing (Review)Private Nurse
2007-12-09publishing (Review)Bazooka Cafe
2007-08-16publishing (Review)The Garden Society: Kykuit
2007-08-09Original Visual NovelTime's Tear
2007-07-17Original Visual NovelWhite Nights
2007-05-05publishing (Talk)Anime Fans and Popularity at Animefest 2007
2007-03-13publishing (Review)The Melancholy Of Mireille Bouquet
2007-02-13publishing (On Making VNs)Truly Fan-Made
2007-01-01publishing (On Making VNs)Game Recognition Handbook 4

2006-12-03Original Visual NovelThe Question
2006-11-24publishing (Review)Desire
2006-11-21Original Visual NovelEmbraced By Green
2006-11-17publishing (Review)The Best Anime
2006-10-22VN Contributioncolorless day
2006-09-29publishing (Review)With You
2006-08-20publishing (On Making VNs)English Bishoujo Games Encyclopedia Final
2006-08-10Original Visual NovelOri, Ochi, Onoe.
2006-07-10publishing (On Making VNs)Goodbye, Class Of 2015 (update)
2006-07-10publishing (On Making VNs)Game Recognition Handbook 3
2006-06-07publishing (Review)Onegai Teacher
2006-05-06publishing (Talk)Fan-Made Ren'Ai Games at Animefest 2006
2006-04-28Original Visual NovelSecretary Of Death
2006-04-10publishing (Review)Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!
2006-03-20VN ContributionKatherine
2006-01-17publishing (Review)Artificial Girl 2
2006-01-03publishing (On Making VNs)Goodbye, Class Of 2005

2005-12-27publishing (Review)Season Of The Sakura
2005-12-09publishing (On Making VNs)The Point Of Bishoujo Games
2005-11-10Original Visual NovelIdol/TYPE
2005-11-07publishing (Review)Fairy Nights
2005-10-15publishing (Talk)Elements of Bishoujo Games at Comics Salon 2005
2005-09-25publishing (On Making VNs)Game Recognition Handbook 2
2005-08-15publishing (On Making VNs)Visual Novels Are NOT Games!
2005-07-29Original Visual NovelGakuen Redux
2005-06-26Gameplay VideoTokyo Hazard Driver
2005-06-05publishing (On Making VNs)The History Of English Fan-Made Ren'Ai Gaming
2005-05-04publishing (On Making VNs)Director's Laboratory: Visual Design
2005-04-12publishing (On Making VNs)NaNoRenO 2005
2005-04-10publishing (On Making VNs)English Bishoujo Games Encyclopedia
2005-04-00publishing (Talk)Hentai at Animecon 2005
2005-04-00publishing (Talk)Anime for Adults at Animecon 2005
2005-04-00publishing (Talk)Virtual Tour of Tokyo at Animecon 2005 / Tokyo Hazard Driver
2005-03-28Original Visual NovelTransfer Teacher
2005-03-07publishing (On Making VNs)Are They All Just For Kids?
2005-02-13publishing (On Making VNs)Game Recognition Handbook
2005-01-24Original Visual NovelMilk Swim
2005-01-07publishing (On Making VNs)Designing And Completing A Ren'Ai Game
2005-01-01Original Visual NovelMarry Me, Misato!

2004-12-28publishing (On Making VNs)B-Games: The Dating, 2004 Edition Part 2
2004-11-26publishing (On Making VNs)B-Games: The Dating, 2004 Edition Part 1
2004-11-14Original Visual NovelK*A*O*R*I
2004-10-24publishing (Review)Slave Pageant
2004-09-19publishing (On Making VNs)Fan-Made Bishoujo Games
2004-08-25publishing (Review)EVE Burst Error
2004-07-31publishing (Review)Dystopia
2004-07-23Original Visual NovelRiver Trap
2004-06-28publishing (Review)Do You Like Horny Bunnies? 2
2004-05-25publishing (Review)Love Hina Advance
2004-05-22publishing (Talk)Bishoujo Games (new) at Animefest 2004
2004-04-25publishing (Review)Heart De Roommate
2004-04-05publishing (Talk)Creating Your Own Anime Games at Animecon 2004
2004-04-04publishing (Talk)Means of Expression in Anime at Animecon 2004
2004-04-04publishing (Talk)Anime Genres at Animecon 2004
2004-03-21publishing (Review)Phantom Of Inferno
2004-02-20publishing (On Making VNs)Gyaruge 2003
2004-01-21publishing (Review)Virgin Roster ~ Shukketsubo
2004-01-15Original Visual NovelBlack Pencil

2003-12-13publishing (Review)Girlfriend Of Steel
2003-11-12publishing (Review)Najica Blitz Tactics
2003-10-26publishing (On Making VNs)The Best Moments in Bishoujo Games
2003-09-13publishing (Talk)Bishoujo Games at Istrocon 2003


2001-07-21publishing (Review)Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
2001-02-14ATP Projects(ATP website created)

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