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   About mikey and ATP Projects

Infomation, contact, online activity, links, and some history.

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mikey has always liked making visual novels, simply. Originally they were a means of self-expression, and as such visiting the "Original 22" series is the best way to understand mikey as a person. Once everything has been said, making visual novels turned into a hobby, a means of relaxation and enjoying the creative process.

Apart from visual novels, this site also archives the outcomes of all other creative pursuits done by mikey, such as photography, translation, writing, and more.


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mikey's active online spaces (i.e. for contributing regularly as part of a community, on social media, or through other active presences) have been:

           Online Space Years Active
           DevTalk Discord (2020-2022) - 3 years
           Twitter (2014-2019) - 6 years
           The Teacup (2010-2011) - 2 years
           Lemma Soft Forums (2003-2009) - 7 years
  (2002-2003) - 2 years


  Links     Other or special websites, accounts, and links

There are several online services that mikey created accounts on to maintain for the purposes of hosting files, or initially publishing articles, or to act as potential means of contact, or to redirect to this site. These are used as external links to this site's presented content. The ones with a useful purpose beyond facilitating the availability of content (Content Hosting) for this site, as well as all other unique links (Special Site) are listed below:

           Site / Link  Main Purpose Other Useful Purpose
           Linktree Special Site a simple way to see and share basic information about ATP Projects
           Games Special Site a page with console games mikey played and finished
  Content Hosting to quickly get to all original visual novels
           Game Jolt Content Hosting to quickly get to all original visual novels
           Medium Content Hosting to read the newest essay-format articles
           Youtube Content Hosting to see all of mikey's gameplay videos


  History     About the name "ATP Projects"

The name ATP comes from "Anime Text Page", a website created by mikey in 2001 which hosted plain text lists of anime and later visual novel titles. In 2004 the first creative "project" by mikey was released (the "Black Pencil" visual novel) under the banner of "ATP Projects". The focus then quickly shifted to visual novels and as less and less lists were made, the site was renamed to "ATP Projects" later in 2004 as well. The name "ATP Projects" has been kept and used as home for all of mikey's activities ever since.

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