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Strictly a hobbyist now.

This set of articles called Retirement contains all the 46 articles (including 1 art project participation, 2 surveys, and 2 game jams) mikey wrote after releasing Aurora Fall.

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Nr. Release Category Name
151.2022-07-04GuideThe Ultimate VN Jam Advice
150.2022-07-04InformativeOtomeJam 2022 Quick Statistics
149.2022-04-05SurveyVN Creators Introspection Survey 2022
148.2022-01-01InformativeVisual Novel Jams 2021
147.2021-12-28PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2021
146.2021-08-30RulesO2A2 Rules Wrap-Up 2020-2021
145.2021-08-20EssayWhat VN Jam Statistics Tell Us
144.2021-07-18JamO2A2 (Again!) VN Jam Summary
143.2021-07-01StatisticsOtomeJam 2021 Itch.io Completion Statistics
142.2021-06-25InformativeO2A2 2020 Visual Novel Screenshots
141.2021-05-27StatisticsDevTalk Weekly Progress Call Statistics
140.2021-05-22InformativeHow To Organize
139.2021-04-03StatisticsNaNoRenO 2021 Itch.io Completion Statistics
138.2021-03-16InformativeLayers of Productivity
137.2021-03-01StatisticsValentine's VN Jam Itch.io Completion Statistics
136.2021-01-31EssayThe Origin of NaNoRenO
135.2021-01-25StatisticsNaNoRenO 2020 Itch.io Completion Statistics
134.2020-12-30PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2020
133.2020-07-16EssayThe True Story of Teresa Santos
132.2020-07-12SurveyVN Creators Introspection Survey
131.2020-05-17JamO2A2 visual novel jam
130.2019-12-30PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2019
129.2019-09-21OtherPenshooter Picture Guide
128.2019-01-01PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2018
127.2018-12-03EssayMy Free Time... Over Time
126.2018-01-07PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2017
125.2017-10-31EssayFuture Plans
124.2017-05-18EssayMy Year Of Less
122.2017-04-27StatisticsNaNoRenO 2017 Completion Stats
121.2017-03-29PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2016
120.2017-03-29PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2015
119.2017-03-29PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2014
118.2017-03-29PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2013
117.2017-03-29PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2012
116.2017-03-29PersonalThe Ones I Finished 2011
115.2017-03-16ResourceThe Pen Shooter Index Final List
114.2016-12-29ReviewPokemon Sun Review
113.2016-11-17EssayThings I've given up
112.2016-10-31ArtInktober 2016
111.2016-08-14EssayCaring About Your Ugly Self
110.2016-07-25EssayTime Not Saved
109.2016-07-11EssayAbout my "retirement"
108.2016-02-07InformativeHow Many Questions?
107.2015-03-15GuideThe Last-Minute VN
106.2015-02-28EssayAurora Fall Release Post

  All My Pens (2014)
Pens and feelings.

This set of articles called All My Pens contains all the 8 articles mikey wrote for the experimental editorial review blog All My Pens.

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Nr. Release Category Name
105.2014-09-24ReviewPen Number One Redux
104.2014-09-18ReviewGuidance In Doubt
103.2014-09-10ReviewTrue Reveal
102.2014-09-10ReviewTemporary Shell
101.2014-09-01ReviewRain Drops
99.2014-08-23ReviewHeart Broken
98.2014-08-16ReviewSeen From A Distance

  The Aurora Fall Development Blogs (2010-2013)
The times of the Magnum Opus.

This set of articles called The Aurora Fall Development Blogs contains all the 45 articles mikey wrote for the Aurora Fall Development Blog.

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Nr. Release Category Name
97.2013-06-19EssayNo Way To Live
96.2013-05-29EssayThe SSV Project
95.2013-03-29EssayBack To The Old Days
94.2013-03-13EssayAround Cape Mimony
93.2013-02-18EssayTime And Place Redux
91.2013-01-03EssayWhat I Use
90.2012-12-07EssayVN Creation Is An RPG
89.2012-11-24EssayWhat's In 1,5 GB
88.2012-10-25EssayRe-Launch! The Aurora Fall Development Blog
87.2012-09-00EssayUmeda Sky
86.2012-09-00EssayAurora Fall
83.2012-09-00EssayThe Morane Crisis
82.2012-09-00EssayHeiress II
81.2012-09-00EssayThe Scaglietti
80.2012-09-00EssayOne Million Kisses
79.2012-09-00EssayClosing This Blog
78.2012-09-00EssayEVEning Course
77.2012-09-00EssayTime's Tear
75.2012-09-06EssayThe Question
74.2012-09-04EssayEmbraced By Green
73.2012-09-03EssayThe Elements Of Experience
72.2012-08-30EssayOri, Ochi, Onoe.
71.2012-08-01EssaySecretary Of Death
70.2012-08-01EssayCompulsion, Perfection, Beliefs, and Perpetuity
68.2012-00-00EssayGakuen Redux
66.2012-00-00EssayTransfer Teacher
65.2012-00-00EssayMilk Swim
64.2012-00-00EssayThe Logic Of Bias
63.2012-00-00EssayMarry Me, Misato!
61.2012-00-00EssayAmbition, Acclaim, and Popularity
60.2012-00-00EssayRiver Trap
59.2012-00-00EssayBlack Pencil
58.2012-00-00EssayIntroductions Are In Order
57.2011-03-21EssayAn Introduction To Aurora Fall (reworked)
56.2010-04-15EssayAn Introduction To Aurora Fall

  10 Years Of Anime (2001-2012)
From anime to visual novels, from fan to maker.

This set of articles called 10 Years Of Anime contains all the 55 articles (including 1 photo contest participation) mikey wrote mostly for various anime, manga and visual novel sites.

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Nr. Release Category Name
55.2012-01-26ResourceCZ SK BG Final List
54.2011-04-23EssayA Real Happy Ending
53.2011-03-20ResourceOELVN Resources Final Lists
52.2010-02-01EssayThe Great OELVN Is Dead
51.2009-12-31EssayThe Jerk's Word For Balance
50.2009-10-30EssayAs Easy As Death
49.2009-08-30EssayThe Divided Girl
48.2009-06-16EssayAccepting A Storytelling Technique
47.2009-05-24Photo ContestSakura Saku 2009
46.2009-05-14EssayTake A Step Back, See Your Soulmates
45.2008-01-08ReviewRidge Racer Type 4
44.2007-12-19ReviewPrivate Nurse
43.2007-12-09ReviewBazooka Cafe
42.2007-08-16ReviewThe Garden Society: Kykuit
41.2007-03-13EssayThe Melancholy Of Mireille Bouquet
40.2007-02-13EssayTruly Fan-Made
39.2007-01-01InformativeGame Recognition Handbook 4
37.2006-11-17EssayThe Best Anime
36.2006-09-29ReviewWith You
35.2006-08-20ResourceEnglish Bishoujo Games Encyclopedia Final
34.2006-07-10InformativeGoodbye, Class Of 2015 (update)
33.2006-07-10InformativeGame Recognition Handbook 3
32.2006-06-07ReviewOnegai Teacher
31.2006-04-10ReviewFull Metal Panic? Fumoffu!
30.2006-01-17ReviewArtificial Girl 2
29.2006-01-03InformativeGoodbye, Class Of 2005
28.2005-12-27ReviewSeason Of The Sakura
27.2005-12-09EssayThe Point Of Bishoujo Games
26.2005-11-07ReviewFairy Nights
25.2005-09-25InformativeGame Recognition Handbook 2
24.2005-08-15EssayVisual Novels Are NOT Games!
23.2005-06-05EssayThe History Of English Fan-Made Ren'Ai Gaming
22.2005-05-04GuideDirector's Laboratory: Visual Design
21.2005-04-12InformativeNaNoRenO 2005
20.2005-04-10ResourceEnglish Bishoujo Games Encyclopedia
19.2005-03-07EssayAre They All Just For Kids?
18.2005-02-13InformativeGame Recognition Handbook
17.2005-01-07GuideDesigning And Completing A Ren'Ai Game
16.2004-12-28ReviewB-Games: The Dating, 2004 Edition Part 2
15.2004-11-26ReviewB-Games: The Dating, 2004 Edition Part 1
14.2004-10-24ReviewSlave Pageant
13.2004-09-19InformativeFan-Made Bishoujo Games
12.2004-08-25ReviewEVE Burst Error
10.2004-06-28ReviewDo You Like Horny Bunnies? 2
9.2004-05-25ReviewLove Hina Advance
8.2004-04-25ReviewHeart De Roommate
7.2004-03-21ReviewPhantom Of Inferno
6.2004-02-20ReviewGyaruge 2003
5.2004-01-21ReviewVirgin Roster ~ Shukketsubo
4.2003-12-13ReviewGirlfriend Of Steel
3.2003-11-12ReviewNajica Blitz Tactics
2.2003-10-26ReviewThe Best Moments in Bishoujo Games
1.2001-07-21ReviewFinal Fantasy: The Spirits Within