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   Original Visual Novel Details

Various overviews and details of ATP Projects visual novels, contain spoilers for some works.


Themes and RatingVN series, whether they are based on themes or genres, and their audience rating.
Genres and StylesAll of the visual novels' genres described, including the style.
Worlds and RealismThe settings (worlds) of all the visual novels and their realism level.
Lengths and TimesLengths, reading and playing times of ATP Projects visual novels.
Jam ParticipationsWhich ATP Projects VNs participated in jams and how.
Releases by MonthNumber and day of ATP Projects visual novels released in a given month.
Minimum Download LocationsHow many separate permanent download locations should the VNs have.
Releases in a YearNumber of ATP Projects visual novels released in a given year.
Fan WorksWorks that are related to or derived from ATP Projects original VN releases.

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   Themes and Rating

All ATP Projects visual novel series are either theme-based (Original22 and Renewal), or genre-based (Caprice).

The "Original 22" series visual novels represent mikey's artistic self-expression through personal themes.
The "Renewal" series visual novels represent mikey's expression of further (non-personal) themes.
The "Caprice" series visual novels represent works mikey created out of personal interest.

Apart from the VNs' main theme, this list also includes its director, writer, and their suggested audience rating.

Theme-based (theme)  Original 22 series VNs (2004-2015) Director Writer Rating
AffectionMarry Me, Misato!mikeymikeyregular
AllureEVEning Coursemikeymikeyregular
BeautyAurora Fallmikeymikeymature
ExistenceEmbraced By Greenmikeymikeyregular
ExpectationMilk Swimmikeymikeyregular
FearSecretary Of Deathmikeymikeyregular
HappinessTransfer Teachermikeymikeyregular
JoyThe Questionmikeymikeyregular
KindnessHeiress IImikeymikeyregular
LonelinessBlack Pencilmikeymikeyregular
LoveRiver Trapmikeymikeymature
LuckUmeda Skymikeymikeyregular
PurposeThe Morane Crisismikeymikeyregular
RegretGakuen Reduxmikeymikeymature
SafenessOne Million Kissesmikeymikeyregular
SubmissionOri, Ochi, Onoe.mikeymikeymature
TranquilityThe Scagliettimikeymikeyregular
TrustTime's Tearmikeymikeyregular
Theme-based (theme)  Renewal series VNs (since 2016) Director Writer Rating
BlissAnother Aureliemikeymikeyregular
ClosureMiseria RPGmikeymikeymature
FulfillmentGokigen Na Schmetterlingemikeymikeyregular
FutilityKingdom Of The Antsmikeymikeyregular
IgnoranceOliver Renhelfmikeymikeyregular
IndifferenceHelena's Rejectionmikeymikeyregular
PerfectionDays Of The Hydrangea Pathmikeymikeyregular
Genre-based (genre)  Caprice series VNs (since 2007) Director Writer Rating
Action / Air CombatInferiormikeymikeyregular
Action / Base JumpingAir Diversmikeymikeyregular
Action / DisasterTrauma Bridgemikeymikeyregular
Action / KaijuFull Bloommikeymikeyregular
Action / Pro WrestlingAces Of Ringmikeymikeyregular
Action / RunningLa Coursieremikeymikeyregular
Action / SniperBullet Callmikeymikeyregular
Action / SpyNever Die A Spymikeymikeyregular
Other / ConversationYes, The Snowmikeymikeyregular
Other / MemoryLook TwicemikeyVatinaregular
Other / Time FreezeThe Swervemikeymikeyregular
Other / WorldbuildingThe History Of Zakrainian Literaturemikeymikeyregular
Romance / MelancholySt. Nozomimikeymikeyregular
Romance / MelancholyWhite NightsmikeyF.M.Dostoyevskyregular
Romance / MysteryWeekend Fevermikeymikeyregular
Romance / School TripThe Garden Society: Kykuit [2009]mikeyRioregular
Romance / RelationshipThe PhotographermikeyTaleweaverregular
Romance / TragedyThe Sorrows Of Young WerthermikeyJ.W.Goethemature
Thriller / CrimeStand Stillmikeymikeyregular

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   Genres and Styles

All of ATP Projects VNs' genres and key content. Also includes the style of VNs.

    Styles classification:
  • visual novel --- a multiple-path game with character images and backgrounds, where you click to advance text
  • kinetic novel --- a visual novel with a linear path
  • sound novel --- a visual novel without character images, includes multiple or single path structures
  • typing game --- a game where you type to advance text

Genre / Subgenre Key Content Style Title
ActionAir Combatsound novelInferior
ActionDisastersound novelTrauma Bridge
ActionSniper Duelsound novelBullet Call
ActionSpysound novelNever Die A Spy
Action / MelancholyKaijusound novelFull Bloom
Action / MelancholyHorrorsound novelKingdom Of The Ants
Action / MelancholyNear-Deathkinetic novelThe Swerve
Action / RomanceBase Jumpingkinetic novelAir Divers
Action / SportsParkourkinetic novelLa Coursiere
Action / SportsPro Wrestlingkinetic novelAces Of Ring
Adventure / HorrorSufferingsound novelMiseria RPG
Adventure / MysteryChildhoodkinetic novelTime's Tear
ComedyConversationkinetic novelYes, The Snow
ComedyFandomvisual novelMarry Me, Misato!
Comedy / RomanceDaily Lifevisual novelTransfer Teacher
ExistentialConversationkinetic novelHelena's Rejection
ExistentialDisastervisual novelAurora Fall
Existential / RomanceAmnesiakinetic novelAnthridercynantide
Existential / RomanceParanormalvisual novelEmbraced By Green
MelancholyDaily Lifekinetic novelChiyoda
MelancholyEncountersvisual novelOld-Timer
MelancholyLegendskinetic novelOne Million Kisses
MelancholyParentingkinetic novelAnother Aurelie
MelancholyTravelkinetic novelDays Of The Hydrangea Path
MelancholyTravelsound novelUmeda Sky
MelancholyWorldbuildingkinetic novelThe History Of Zakrainian Literature
Melancholy / DramaParentingsound novelTemperance
Melancholy / DramaParentingkinetic novelVerX
Melancholy / RomanceChildhoodkinetic novelSt. Nozomi
Melancholy / RomanceEncounterskinetic novelWhite Nights
Melancholy / RomanceSchool Lifevisual novelMilk Swim
MysterySupernaturalkinetic novelOliver Renhelf
RelationshipCar Racingvisual novelThe Morane Crisis
Relationship / RomanceDaily Lifevisual novelOri, Ochi, Onoe.
RomanceArt Forgeryvisual novelThe Scaglietti
RomanceDaily Lifevisual novelBlack Pencil
RomanceDaily Lifekinetic novelHeatwalker
RomanceDaily Lifevisual novelK*A*O*R*I
RomanceDaily Lifevisual novelRiver Trap
RomanceFandomtyping gameIdol/TYPE
RomanceLanguagesvisual novelEVEning Course
RomanceNear-Deathvisual novelHeiress II
RomanceOn The Runvisual novelSecretary Of Death
RomanceUniversityvisual novelThe Question
Romance / ExistentialTeenage Yearskinetic novelGakuen Redux
Romance / FriendshipSchool Tripvisual novelThe Garden Society: Kykuit [2009]
Romance / MysteryWritingkinetic novelWeekend Fever
Romance / RelationshipTourismvisual novelThe Photographer
Romance / SportsTenniskinetic novelGokigen Na Schmetterlinge
Romance / TragedyUnrequited Lovesound novelThe Sorrows Of Young Werther
ThrillerFamilyvisual novelStand Still
SurrealAmnesiakinetic novelLook Twice

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   Worlds and Realism

All of ATP Projects visual novels' settings (worlds) and their realism level.

    World descriptions:
  • Earth --- setting with real places and limited artistic liberties, can still have fictional companies and people.
  • J-Country --- fictional world with scientific progress matching Earth's.
  • Shin-Liechtenland --- fictional world with scientific progress matching Earth's.
  • [single] --- bespoke worlds or alternate countries, all featured in a single specific work.

    When considering science, "realistic" follows the rules of known science; while "imaginative" takes extended liberities with science or includes magic and similar fictional concepts.

World Science Title
Earthrealistic Air Divers    Another Aurelie    Bullet Call    Chiyoda    The Garden Society: Kykuit [2009]    Heatwalker    Helena's Rejection    Days Of The Hydrangea Path    La Coursiere    Marry Me, Misato!    Never Die A Spy    Old‑Timer    Stand Still    Temperance    The Morane Crisis    The Photographer    The Scaglietti    The Swerve    Umeda Sky    VerX    White Nights    The Sorrows Of Young Werther    The History Of Zakrainian Literature   
imaginative Anthridercynantide    Full Bloom    Kingdom Of The Ants    Trauma Bridge    Yes, The Snow   

J-Countryrealistic Embraced By Green    EVEning Course    Idol/TYPE    K*A*O*R*I    Milk Swim    Ori, Ochi, Onoe.   
imaginative Black Pencil    Gakuen Redux    River Trap    Secretary Of Death    Time's Tear    Transfer Teacher   

Shin‑Liechtenlandrealistic Aces Of Ring    Gokigen Na Schmetterlinge    St. Nozomi   
imaginativeWeekend Fever   

[single]realistic Heiress II    Inferior    The Question   
imaginative Aurora Fall (Lithia)    Look Twice    Miseria RPG (Miseria)    Oliver Renhelf    One Million Kisses   

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   Lengths and Times

Lengths, reading and playing times of ATP Projects visual novels.

WordsTitle Playing timeReading timeWriter
103.134Gakuen Redux07 h 00 min06 h 00 minmikey
43.793Aces Of Ring02 h 30 min02 h 40 minmikey
42.997The Sorrows Of Young Werther02 h 30 min02 h 40 minJ.W.Goethe
26.890Ori, Ochi, Onoe.01 h 30 min01 h 38 minmikey
21.620Time's Tear00 h 40 min01 h 19 minmikey
20.563White Nights01 h 00 min01 h 15 minF.M.Dostoyevsky
20.472Aurora Fall01 h 30 min01 h 14 minmikey
15.461The Morane Crisis00 h 40 min00 h 56 minmikey
14.608River Trap01 h 00 min00 h 53 minmikey
13.225Transfer Teacher01 h 00 min00 h 48 minmikey
12.349Gokigen Na Schmetterlinge00 h 55 min00 h 44 minmikey
10.601Milk Swim00 h 40 min00 h 39 minmikey
10.593The Photographer00 h 30 min00 h 39 minTaleweaver
10.395K*A*O*R*I00 h 30 min00 h 38 minmikey
10.079Black Pencil00 h 40 min00 h 37 minmikey
9.369EVEning Course00 h 40 min00 h 34 minmikey
9.007The Garden Society: Kykuit [2009]00 h 40 min00 h 33 minRio
8.950Secretary Of Death00 h 30 min00 h 33 minmikey
7.676Miseria RPG00 h 25 min00 h 28 minmikey
7.437Umeda Sky00 h 25 min00 h 27 minmikey
7.100Heiress II00 h 40 min00 h 26 minmikey
6.794Old-Timer00 h 20 min00 h 25 minmikey
6.458Embraced By Green00 h 30 min00 h 23 minmikey
6.095Temperance00 h 20 min00 h 22 minmikey
5.877Heatwalker00 h 20 min00 h 21 minmikey
5.357The Scaglietti00 h 15 min00 h 19 minmikey
5.208Anthridercynantide00 h 20 min00 h 19 minmikey
4.459Weekend Fever00 h 15 min00 h 16 minmikey
4.247Helena's Rejection00 h 15 min00 h 15 minmikey
4.126Idol/TYPE00 h 30 min00 h 15 minmikey
3.706Air Divers00 h 10 min00 h 13 minmikey
3.581St. Nozomi00 h 10 min00 h 13 minmikey
2.797VerX00 h 20 min00 h 10 minmikey
2.717Oliver Renhelf00 h 10 min00 h 10 minmikey
2.694Another Aurelie00 h 15 min00 h 10 minmikey
2.409Stand Still00 h 15 min00 h 10 minmikey
2.383Look Twice00 h 10 min00 h 09 minVatina
2.359Inferior00 h 15 min00 h 09 minmikey
2.088The History Of Zakrainian Literature00 h 15 min00 h 08 minmikey
2.087Never Die A Spy00 h 10 min00 h 08 minmikey
1.910Marry Me, Misato!00 h 30 min00 h 07 minmikey
1.686One Million Kisses00 h 05 min00 h 06 minmikey
1.624Days Of The Hydrangea Path00 h 15 min00 h 06 minmikey
1.164La Coursiere00 h 20 min00 h 04 minmikey
996Chiyoda00 h 07 min00 h 04 minmikey
933Kingdom Of The Ants00 h 08 min00 h 03 minmikey
904Bullet Call00 h 08 min00 h 03 minmikey
867Full Bloom00 h 08 min00 h 03 minmikey
847Yes, The Snow00 h 05 min00 h 03 minmikey
515The Question00 h 05 min00 h 02 minmikey
511The Swerve00 h 05 min00 h 02 minmikey
0Trauma Bridge00 h 15 min00 h 00 minmikey

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   Jam Participations

Which ATP Projects VNs participated in jams and how.

TitleParticipation JamFinished
------------------ 2023 [1]
Gokigen Na Schmetterlingemade forRen'Ai Reloadedin time
------------------ 2022 [1]
Kingdom Of The Antsmade forSpooktober VN Jamin time
------------------ 2021 [2]
St. Nozomimade forWinter VN Jamin time
Bullet Callmade forO2A2 VN Jamin time
------------------ 2020 [5]
Yes, The Snowmade forWinter VN Jamin time
Aces Of Ringsubmitted toFinish Your VN Jamin time
Chiyodamade forO2A2 VN Jamin time
Another Aureliemade forNaNoRenOin time (March)
Weekend Fevermade forNaNoRenOin time (March)
------------------ 2019 [2]
Air Diversmade forNaNoRenOin time (March)
The History Of Zakrainian Literaturemade forNaNoRenOin time (March)
------------------ 2016 [6]
Helena's Rejectionmade forSuNoFes (Summer Novel Festival)in time
The Photographermade forNaNoRenOin time (4.4. at
VerXmade forNaNoRenOin time (March)
Days Of The Hydrangea Pathmade forNaNoRenOin time (March)
La Coursieremade forNaNoRenOin time (March)
Temperancemade forNaNoRenOin time (March)
------------------ 2011 [2]
Umeda Skymade forThe Teacup VN Festivalin time
Anthridercynantidemade forThe Teacup VN Festivalin time
------------------ 2009 [2]
Heiress IImade forNaNoRenOin time (March)
The Scagliettimade forNaNoRenOin time (March)
------------------ 2005 [1]
Transfer Teachermade forNaNoRenOin time (March)

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   Releases by Month

Number and day of ATP Projects visual novels released in a given month.

January 1 11 15 24 30
February 28 28
March 4 13 14 20 26 28 29 29 29 30 31
April 4 13 13 27 28 29
May 11 14
June 9
July 15 15 17 22 23 29
August 3 6 9 10 14 28
September 10
October 11 20 31
November 1 10 14
December 3 6 12 20 23 25

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   Minimum Download Locations

How many separate permanent download locations should the VNs have for the software (game) and image (SSV) formats.

Original 22  Game ++  SSV ++
Aurora Fall8+02+0
Black Pencil8+02+0
Embraced By Green8+02+0
EVEning Course8+02+0
Gakuen Redux8+02+0
Heiress II8+02+0
Marry Me, Misato!8+02+0
Milk Swim8+02+0
One Million Kisses8+02+1
Ori, Ochi, Onoe.8+12+0
River Trap8+12+0
Secretary Of Death8+02+0
The Morane Crisis8+02+0
The Question8+02+0
The Scaglietti8+02+1
Time's Tear8+12+0
Transfer Teacher8+02+0
Umeda Sky8+02+1
Renewal  Game ++  SSV ++
Another Aurelie4+00+0
Days Of The Hydrangea Path4+00+0
Gokigen Na Schmetterlinge4+10+0
Helena's Rejection4+00+0
Kingdom Of The Ants4+00+0
Miseria RPG4+00+0
Oliver Renhelf4+00+0
Caprice  Game ++  SSV ++
Aces Of Ring4+00+0
Air Divers4+00+0
Bullet Call4+00+0
Full Bloom4+00+4
La Coursiere4+00+0
Look Twice4+00+0
Never Die A Spy4+00+0
St. Nozomi4+00+0
Stand Still4+00+0
The Garden Society: Kykuit [2009]4+00+0
The History Of Zakrainian Literature4+00+0
The Photographer4+00+0
The Sorrows Of Young Werther4+00+0
The Swerve4+00+0
Trauma Bridge4+00+0
Weekend Fever4+00+0
White Nights4+00+0
Yes, The Snow.4+00+0

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   Releases in a Year

Number of ATP Projects visual novels released in a given year.

[ 52 ]   2023 1 2 3
[ 49 ]   2022 1
[ 48 ]   2021 1 2 3
[ 45 ]   2020 1 2 3 4 5
[ 40 ]   2019 1 2 3
[ 37 ]   2018 1
[ 36 ]   2017 1 2 3
[ 33 ]   2016 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
[ 25 ]   2015 1
[ 24 ]   2014
[ 24 ]   2013
[ 24 ]   2012
[ 24 ]   2011 1 2
[ 22 ]   2010 1 2
[ 20 ]   2009 1 2 3 4
[ 16 ]   2008 1 2
[ 14 ]   2007 1 2
[ 12 ]   2006 1 2 3 4
[ 8 ]   2005 1 2 3 4 5
[ 3 ]   2004 1 2 3
[ 0 ]   2003

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   Fan Works

Works that are related to or derived from ATP Projects original VN releases. In these works mikey had no creative input.

Released on Title Description and Links
---------- Single Art collected fan art for ATP Projects works | M
2009-09-12 Black Pencil HU translation, by Dis | M
2009-04-30 Marry Me, Misato! RU unofficial translation | M
2007-09-27 Time’s Tear FanDisc extras disc, produced by lordcloudx | M
2006-04-18 Gakuen Redux OST standalone soundtrack release | M
2005-12-21 Black Pencil manga manga, created by Snowshine | M


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