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   Other Creative Projects Details

Additional information and overviews on all other creative projects.


VN Translations & ContributionsDetails to visual novel translations and contributions.
Photo Projects & ChallengesDetails to photo projects and challenges.
Gameplay VideosDetails to gameplay videos.
FansubsDetails to fansubs.
Drawing ChallengesDetails to drawing challenges.

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   VN Translations & Contributions

Details to visual novel translations and contributions.

Type Name Language mikey's role Year
TranslationNikolas a Mikulas [EN]EN (from CZ)translator2024
TranslationUltramarine Turtle's DreamEN (from SK)translator2021
TranslationSolitudeEN (from SK)translator2013
TranslationThe Garden Society: KykuitSK (from EN)producer, translator2009
TranslationRipplesSK (from EN)producer, translator2008
TranslationProject NattsuSK (from EN)producer, translator2008
ContributionS.Y.T.Y.W.T.M.A.V.N.epilogue writer2011
ContributionThe Question [Multiversion]producer, partial writer2009
Contributioncolorless dayEnglish translator2006
ContributionKatherineimage editor2006

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   Photo Projects & Challenges

Details to photo projects and challenges.

Photos Category Name Subjects Year
2.129stationeryPenshooter IVstationery2023
2.539stationeryPenshooter IIIstationery2020
727stationeryPenshooter IIstationery2017
2.003stationeryThe Pen Shooterstationery2016
566friction bricksDaylight ReefMOC2023
115friction bricksShelterwood ForestMOC2023
348friction bricksUnchanged HometownMOC2021
507friction bricksSeashift BayMOC2021
315friction bricksDo You Remember The Gardens?Set2021
488friction bricksMuscle MemorySet2021
73friction bricksThe Lei SpecMOCs2021
11FiguresGoodbye, Nanakodisplay figure2021
36FiguresThe Playshootertoy figures2016
311365 Challenge31111001friction bricks2022
333365 Challenge333 Keidiecast cars2017
3Theme ChallengeSakura Saku 2029cherry blossoms2009

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   Gameplay Videos

Details to gameplay videos.

Game Type Game Name Name Time Year
racingDriveclubSakura Slowdown1:00:24  2017
racingGran Turismo 7Miyabi Morning1:42  2023
racingGran Turismo SportThe Cautious Driver in Tokyo11:31  2018
racingMidnight Club 2Tokyo Hazard Driver12:29  2005
racingNeed For Speed: Hot Pursuit RemasteredSundriver40:53  2020
racingNeed For Speed: Hot Pursuit RemasteredDays of Rain29:57  2020
racingThe Crew: MotorfestThe Golden Plane2:17:32  2023
shooterEarth Defense Force 4.1And and I27:44  2018
shooterEarth Defense Force 5Stuck with You36:24  2018
fightingDead or Alive 5: Last RoundStrong Style with Sarah20:28  2018
fightingSoulcalibur VIThe Pentalogy of Harriette and Ortega Sky06:08  2018

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Details to fansubs.

Year Name Scope Length mikey's role
2019SafariEN (from SK)complete series (13 episodes)producer, translator

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   Drawing Challenges

Details to drawing challenges.

Name Duration Type Year Theme
Inktober1 MonthDaily2016rebuses


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