Collaborations on Visual Novels

All visual novels that mikey collaborated on.


  S.Y.T.Y.W.T.M.A.V.N. (2011)
A charismatic veteran art creator talks to a new aspiring candidate. What valuable lessons will we learn from them?

This title was published by lordcloudx on 2011-08-02. It was written, illustrated and directed by lordcloudx and partially written by mikey. The music used is by TAM, Soundible, and PIM. Estimated completion time is 15 minutes. Recommended for people 17 years and older, contains partial nudity.

  colorless day (2006)
Everything faded into grey. Everyone continues their lives without the ability to change them. And the sun cannot break trough clouds with its light.

This title was published by denzil on 2006-10-22. It was written and directed by denzil. The character art was done by ButtercupSaiyan, DaFool and Vatina. Backgrounds were done by DaFool. The English version was done by mikey. Music was done by Alessio. Estimated completion time is 15 minutes.

  Katherine (2006)
It looks like another hot and boring day at school with the summer holidays still far away. But today is different. The teacher introduces to the class a new student. Her name is Katherine.

This title was published by denzil on 2006-03-20. It was done by denzil with part of the backgrounds by ATP Projects. Music used was done by Eric Hamilton. The text was proofread by bookie. Estimated completion time is 20 minutes.