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  The Buzz Visual Novel Podcast (2014-2017)
Welcome to The Buzz, a visual novel podcast.

The Buzz Visual Novel Podcast was a 30-episode podcast discussing the creative and artistic considerations of making visual novels and art in general. Created and hosted by Sasquatchii, and co-hosted by mikey and Kuiper.

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Nr. Release Episode Name
135.2017-03-28The Buzz Ep.30Character Creation
134.2017-03-26The Buzz Ep.29Cliches, Stereotypes and Archetypes
133.2017-01-09The Buzz Ep.28Physical Intimacy
132.2016-12-24The Buzz Ep.27Intimacy In Visual Novels
131.2016-07-05The Buzz Ep.26Making VNs For A Game Jam
130.2016-05-16The Buzz Ep.25Names In Your VN
129.2016-04-19The Buzz Ep.24The EVN Community
128.2016-03-21The Buzz Ep.23Personal Growth
127.2016-02-08The Buzz Ep.22How To Be A Better Visual Novel Player
126.2016-01-17The Buzz Ep.21Non-VN Story Games... And Pokemon!
125.2015-12-29The Buzz Ep.20How To Keep A Team Together
124.2015-11-20The Buzz Ep.19Viewpoints Part 2
123.2015-11-05The Buzz Ep.18Viewpoints Part 1
122.2015-09-13The Buzz Ep.17Lots To Say, So Little Time
121.2015-08-16The Buzz Ep.16Unrealistic Protagonists
120.2015-08-02The Buzz Ep.15Writing Q and A With mikey And Kuiper
119.2015-07-19The Buzz Ep.14Music And Audio In Your Visual Novel
118.2015-07-05The Buzz Ep.13Homage Or Ripoff
117.2015-06-21The Buzz Ep.12Acclaim And Popularity
116.2015-06-07The Buzz Ep.11Graphic Design Part 2
115.2015-05-25The Buzz Ep.10Graphic Design Part 1
114.2015-05-10The Buzz Ep.9Pigeons, Klingons, and Dinosaurs
113.2015-04-26The Buzz Ep.8Loose Ends
112.2015-04-12The Buzz Ep.1On Procrastination
111.2015-03-29The Buzz Ep.7Time And Energy
110.2015-03-21The Buzz Ep.6Genres Vs. Creators
109.2015-03-17The Buzz Ep.5Criticism And Critique Part 2
108.2015-01-20The Buzz Ep.4Criticism And Critique Part 1
107.2014-12-15The Buzz Ep.3TYour Visual Novel In The Future
106.2014-11-26The Buzz Ep.2Why You Should Create Visual Novels