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  Safari [EN] (2019)
The zoo manager's children and their new friends have a summer holiday full of adventure, mystery, and romance in and around the town of Bojnice and its iconic castle.

An English fansub of the 13-episode 1986/1987 TV series "Safari" from Czechoslovakia. Produced by SummerSub Translations, and timed to videos uploaded to Youtube by phpdiddy. Translated and subtitles created by mikey. Released 2019-11-27.

Nr. Release Episode Name
13.2019-11-27Safari Ep.13Memories of Summer (Svadobna cesta)
12.2019-11-27Safari Ep.12Escalation (Korunny svedok)
11.2019-11-27Safari Ep.11Safari (Safari)
10.2019-11-27Safari Ep.10The Ghost Maiden (Biela pani)
9.2019-11-27Safari Ep.9The Double (Dvojnik)
8.2019-11-27Safari Ep.8Underground (Tajna chodba)
7.2019-11-27Safari Ep.7Hell's Gate (Podzemna chodba)
6.2019-11-27Safari Ep.6The Perfume (Parfem)
5.2019-11-27Safari Ep.5Among Friends (Nehoda)
4.2019-11-27Safari Ep.4SOS (S.O.S.)
3.2019-11-27Safari Ep.3A Message (Telegram)
2.2019-11-27Safari Ep.2Angel of Mercy (Kapitan Zak)
1.2019-11-27Safari Ep.1The Arrival (Sova)