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Updated for July 2023: An overview of all of mikey's projects and activities, in reverse chronological order.

Release Category Name and Links

2022-05-14Original VNStand Still
2022-04-29Original VNNever Die A Spy
2023-01-01non-creative (On Making VNs)Contributions to VNDev Wiki |  M |  P

2022-09-10Original VNKingdom Of The Ants
2022-07-04non-creative (On Making VNs)The Ultimate VN Jam Advice |  M |  P
2022-07-01non-creative (On Making VNs)OtomeJam 2022 Quick Statistics |  M |  P
2022-04-05non-creative (On Making VNs)VN Creators Introspection Survey 2022 |  M |  P
2022-01-17Photo Project31111001
2022-01-01non-creative (On Making VNs)Visual Novel Jams 2021 |  M |  P

2021-12-20VN TranslationUltramarine Turtle's Dream
2021-12-12Original VNSt. Nozomi
2021-11-05Photo ProjectUnchanged Hometown
2021-10-31Photo ProjectSeashift Bay
2021-08-30non-creative (On Making VNs)O2A2 Rules Wrap-Up 2020-2021 |  M |  P
2021-08-20non-creative (On Making VNs)What VN Jam Statistics Tell Us |  M |  P
2021-07-18non-creative (On Making VNs)O2A2 (Again!) VN Jam Summary |  M |  P
2021-07-15Original VNBullet Call
2021-07-01non-creative (On Making VNs)OtomeJam 2021 Itch.io Completion Statistics |  M |  P
2021-06-25non-creative (On Making VNs)O2A2 2020 Visual Novel Screenshots |  M |  P
2021-06-14Photo ProjectGoodbye, Nanako
2021-05-27non-creative (On Making VNs)DevTalk Weekly Progress Call Statistics |  M |  P
2021-05-22non-creative (On Making VNs)How To Organize |  M |  P
2021-04-27Original VNFull Bloom
2021-04-03non-creative (On Making VNs)NaNoRenO 2021 Itch.io Completion Statistics |  M |  P
2021-03-20Photo ProjectDo You Remember The Gardens?
2021-03-16non-creative (On Making VNs)Layers of Productivity |  M |  P
2021-03-11Photo ProjectMuscle Memory
2021-03-07Photo ProjectThe Lei Spec
2021-03-01non-creative (On Making VNs)Valentine's VN Jam Itch.io Completion Statistics |  M |  P
2021-01-31non-creative (On Making VNs)The Origin of NaNoRenO |  M |  P
2021-01-25non-creative (On Making VNs)NaNoRenO 2020 Itch.io Completion Statistics |  M |  P

2020-12-22Original VNYes, The Snow.
2020-12-15Photo ProjectPenshooter III
2020-12-06Original VNAces Of Ring
2020-11-17Gameplay VideoSundriver
2020-11-09Gameplay VideoDays of Rain
2020-07-16non-creative (On Making VNs)The True Story of Teresa Santos |  M |  P
2020-07-12non-creative (On Making VNs)VN Creators Introspection Survey |  M |  P
2020-05-17non-creative (On Making VNs)O2A2 visual novel jam |  M |  P
2020-05-11Original VNChiyoda
2020-03-30Original VNAnother Aurelie
2020-03-29Original VNWeekend Fever

2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 13/13 - Memories of Summer
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 12/13 - Escalation
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 11/13 - Safari
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 10/13 - The Ghost Maiden
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 9/13 - The Double
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 8/13 - Underground
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 7/13 - Hell's Gate
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 6/13 - The Perfume
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 5/13 - Among Friends
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 4/13 - SOS
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 3/13 - A Message
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 2/13 - Angel of Mercy
2019-11-27FansubSafari EN 1/13 - The Arrival
2019-06-09Original VNMiseria RPG
2019-03-29Original VNAir Divers
2019-03-14Original VNThe History of Zakrainian Literature

2018-12-28Gameplay VideoStuck With You
2018-12-03non-creative (On Making VNs)My Free Time... Over Time |  M |  P
2018-11-02Gameplay VideoThe Pentalogy of Harriette and Ortega Sky
2018-08-18Gameplay VideoThe Cautious Driver in Tokyo
2018-02-04Gameplay VideoAnt and I
2018-01-11Gameplay VideoStrong Style With Sarah
2018-01-11Original VNThe Swerve

2017-10-31non-creative (On Making VNs)Future Plans |  M |  P
2017-10-20Original VNHeatwalker
2017-09-21Gameplay VideoSakura Slowdown
2017-05-18non-creative (On Making VNs)My Year Of Less |  M |  P
2017-05-12Photo Project333 Kei
2017-05-12non-creative (On Making VNs)VNCast |  M |  P
2017-04-27non-creative (On Making VNs)NaNoRenO 2017 Completion Stats |  M |  P
2017-04-13Original VNThe Sorrows Of Young Werther
2017-04-13Original VNOliver Renhelf
2017-03-28non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.30/30 Character Creation |  M |  P |  A
2017-03-26non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.29/30 Cliches, Stereotypes and Archetypes |  M |  P |  A
2017-03-16Photo ProjectPenshooter II
2017-01-09non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.28/30 Physical Intimacy |  M |  P |  A

2016-12-29non-creative (Review)Pokemon Sun Review |  M |  P
2016-12-24non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.27/30 Intimacy In Visual Novels |  M |  P |  A
2016-11-17non-creative (On Making VNs)Things I've given up |  M |  P
2016-10-31Art ChallengeInktober 2016
2016-08-14non-creative (On Making VNs)Caring About Your Ugly Self
2016-07-25non-creative (On Making VNs)Time Not Saved
2016-07-22Original VNHelena's Rejection
2016-07-11non-creative (On Making VNs)About my "retirement" |  M |  P
2016-07-05non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.26/30 Making VNs For A Game Jam |  M |  P |  A
2016-07-05Original VNInferior
2016-05-16non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.25/30 Names In Your VN |  M |  P |  A
2016-04-21Photo ProjectThe Playshooter
2016-04-19non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.24/30 The EVN Community |  M |  P |  A
2016-04-04Original VNThe Photographer
2016-03-29Original VNVerX
2016-03-26Original VNDays Of The Hydrangea Path
2016-03-21non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.23/30 Personal Growth |  M |  P |  A
2016-03-13Original VNLa Coursiere
2016-03-04Original VNTemperance
2016-02-28Original VNTrauma Bridge
2016-02-13Photo ProjectThe Pen Shooter
2016-02-08non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.22/30 How To Be A Better Visual Novel Player |  M |  P |  A
2016-02-07non-creative (On Making VNs)How Many Questions? |  M |  P
2016-01-17non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.21/30 Non-VN Story Games... And Pokemon! |  M |  P |  A

2015-12-29non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.20/30 How To Keep A Team Together |  M |  P |  A
2015-11-20non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.19/30 Viewpoints Part 2 |  M |  P |  A
2015-11-05non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.18/30 Viewpoints Part 1 |  M |  P |  A
2015-09-13non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.17/30 Lots To Say, So Little Time |  M |  P |  A
2015-08-16non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.16/30 Unrealistic Protagonists |  M |  P |  A
2015-08-02non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.15/30 Writing Q and A With mikey And Kuiper |  M |  P |  A
2015-07-19non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.14/30 Music And Audio In Your Visual Novel |  M |  P |  A
2015-07-05non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.13/30 Homage Or Ripoff |  M |  P |  A
2015-06-21non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.12/30 Acclaim And Popularity |  M |  P |  A
2015-06-07non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.11/30 Graphic Design Part 2 |  M |  P |  A
2015-05-25non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.10/30 Graphic Design Part 1 |  M |  P |  A
2015-05-10non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.9/30 Pigeons, Klingons, and Dinosaurs |  M |  P |  A
2015-04-26non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.8/30 Loose Ends |  M |  P |  A
2015-04-12non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.1/30 On Procrastination |  M |  P |  A
2015-03-29non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.7/30 Time And Energy |  M |  P |  A
2015-03-21non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.6/30 Genres Vs. Creators |  M |  P |  A
2015-03-17non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.5/30 Criticism And Critique Part 2 |  M |  P |  A
2015-03-15non-creative (On Making VNs)The Last-Minute VN |  M |  P
2015-02-28Original VNAurora Fall
2015-02-28non-creative (On Making VNs)Aurora Fall Release Post |  M |  P
2015-01-20non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.4/30 Criticism And Critique Part 1 |  M |  P |  A

2014-12-15non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.3/30 Your Visual Novel In The Future |  M |  P |  A
2014-11-26non-creative (The Buzz VNP)Ep.2/30 Why You Should Create Visual Novels |  M |  P |  A
2014-09-24non-creative (All My Pens)Pen Number One Redux |  M |  P
2014-09-18non-creative (All My Pens)Guidance In Doubt |  M |  P
2014-09-10non-creative (All My Pens)True Reveal |  M |  P
2014-09-10non-creative (All My Pens)Temporary Shell |  M |  P
2014-09-01non-creative (All My Pens)Rain Drops |  M |  P
2014-08-27non-creative (All My Pens)Toxic |  M |  P
2014-08-23non-creative (All My Pens)Heart Broken |  M |  P
2014-08-16non-creative (All My Pens)Seen From A Distance |  M |  P

2013-06-19non-creative (On Making VNs)No Way To Live |  M |  P
2013-05-29non-creative (On Making VNs)The SSV Project |  M |  P
2013-03-29non-creative (On Making VNs)Back To The Old Days |  M |  P
2013-03-13non-creative (On Making VNs)Around Cape Mimony |  M |  P
2013-02-18non-creative (On Making VNs)Time And Place Redux |  M |  P
2013-01-18VN TranslationSolitude EN
2013-01-08non-creative (On Making VNs)Children |  M |  P
2013-01-03non-creative (On Making VNs)What I Use |  M |  P

2012-12-07non-creative (On Making VNs)VN Creation Is An RPG |  M |  P
2012-11-24non-creative (On Making VNs)What's In 1,5 GB |  M |  P
2012-10-25non-creative (On Making VNs)Re-Launch! The Aurora Fall Development Blog |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Umeda Sky |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Aurora Fall |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Anthridercynantide |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Old-Timer |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)The Morane Crisis |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Heiress II |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)The Scaglietti |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)One Million Kisses |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Closing This Blog |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)EVEning Course |  M |  P
2012-09-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Time's Tear |  M |  P
2012-09-06non-creative (On Making VNs)Finality |  M |  P
2012-09-06non-creative (On Making VNs)The Question |  M |  P
2012-09-04non-creative (On Making VNs)Embraced By Green |  M |  P
2012-09-03non-creative (On Making VNs)The Elements Of Experience |  M |  P
2012-08-30non-creative (On Making VNs)Ori, Ochi, Onoe. |  M |  P
2012-08-01non-creative (On Making VNs)Secretary Of Death |  M |  P
2012-08-01non-creative (On Making VNs)Compulsion, Perfection, Beliefs, and Perpetuity |  M |  P
2012-01-26non-creative (On Making VNs)CZ SK BG Final List |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Idol/TYPE |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Gakuen Redux |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Memories |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Transfer Teacher |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Milk Swim |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)The Logic Of Bias |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Marry Me, Misato! |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)K*A*O*R*I |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Ambition, Acclaim, and Popularity |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)River Trap |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Black Pencil |  M |  P
2012-00-00non-creative (On Making VNs)Introductions Are In Order |  M |  P

2011-08-06Original VNUmeda Sky
2011-08-03Original VNAnthridercynantide
2011-08-02VN ContributionS.Y.T.Y.W.T.M.A.V.N.
2011-04-23non-creative (On Making VNs)A Real Happy Ending |  M |  P
2011-03-21non-creative (On Making VNs)An Introduction To Aurora Fall (reworked) |  M |  P
2011-03-20non-creative (On Making VNs)OELVN Resources Final Lists |  M |  P

2010-10-31Original VNLook Twice
2010-08-14Original VNOld-Timer
2010-04-15non-creative (On Making VNs)An Introduction To Aurora Fall |  M |  P
2010-02-01non-creative (On Making VNs)The Great OELVN Is Dead |  M |  P

2009-12-31non-creative (On Making VNs)The Jerk's Word For Balance |  M |  P
2009-12-25Original VNThe Garden Society: Kykuit 2009
2009-12-20Original VNThe Morane Crisis
2009-10-30non-creative (On Making VNs)As Easy As Death |  M |  P
2009-08-30non-creative (On Making VNs)The Divided Girl |  M |  P
2009-06-16non-creative (On Making VNs)Accepting A Storytelling Technique |  M |  P
2009-05-31VN TranslationThe Question Multiversion
2009-05-24Photo ContestSakura Saku 2009
2009-05-14non-creative (On Making VNs)Take A Step Back, See Your Soulmates |  M |  P
2009-03-31Original VNHeiress II
2009-03-22VN TranslationThe Garden Society: Kykuit SK
2009-03-20Original VNThe Scaglietti

2008-11-16VN TranslationRipples SK
2008-10-11Original VNOne Million Kisses
2008-03-01VN TranslationProject Nattsu SK
2008-01-30Original VNEVEning Course
2008-01-08non-creative (Review)Ridge Racer Type 4 |  M |  P

2007-12-19non-creative (Review)Private Nurse |  M |  P
2007-12-09non-creative (Review)Bazooka Cafe |  M |  P
2007-08-16non-creative (Review)The Garden Society: Kykuit |  M |  P
2007-08-09Original VNTime's Tear
2007-07-17Original VNWhite Nights
2007-05-05non-creative (Talk)Anime Fans and Popularity at Animefest 2007
2007-03-13non-creative (Review)The Melancholy Of Mireille Bouquet |  M |  P
2007-02-13non-creative (On Making VNs)Truly Fan-Made |  M |  P
2007-01-01non-creative (On Making VNs)Game Recognition Handbook 4 |  M |  P

2006-12-03Original VNThe Question
2006-11-24non-creative (Review)Desire |  M |  P
2006-11-21Original VNEmbraced By Green
2006-11-17non-creative (Review)The Best Anime |  M |  P
2006-10-22VN Contributioncolorless day
2006-09-29non-creative (Review)With You |  M |  P
2006-08-20non-creative (On Making VNs)English Bishoujo Games Encyclopedia Final |  M |  P
2006-08-10Original VNOri, Ochi, Onoe.
2006-07-10non-creative (On Making VNs)Goodbye, Class Of 2015 (update) |  M |  P
2006-07-10non-creative (On Making VNs)Game Recognition Handbook 3 |  M |  P
2006-06-07non-creative (Review)Onegai Teacher |  M |  P
2006-05-06non-creative (Talk)Fan-Made Ren'Ai Games at Animefest 2006
2006-04-28Original VNSecretary Of Death
2006-04-10non-creative (Review)Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu! |  M |  P
2006-03-20VN ContributionKatherine
2006-01-17non-creative (Review)Artificial Girl 2 |  M |  P
2006-01-03non-creative (On Making VNs)Goodbye, Class Of 2005 |  M |  P

2005-12-27non-creative (Review)Season Of The Sakura |  M |  P
2005-12-09non-creative (On Making VNs)The Point Of Bishoujo Games |  M |  P
2005-11-10Original VNIdol/TYPE
2005-11-07non-creative (Review)Fairy Nights |  M |  P
2005-10-15non-creative (Talk)Elements of Bishoujo Games at Comics Salon 2005
2005-09-25non-creative (On Making VNs)Game Recognition Handbook 2 |  M |  P
2005-08-15non-creative (On Making VNs)Visual Novels Are NOT Games! |  M |  P
2005-07-29Original VNGakuen Redux
2005-06-26Gameplay VideoTokyo Hazard Driver
2005-06-05non-creative (On Making VNs)The History Of English Fan-Made Ren'Ai Gaming |  M |  P
2005-05-04non-creative (On Making VNs)Director's Laboratory: Visual Design |  M |  P
2005-04-12non-creative (On Making VNs)NaNoRenO 2005 |  M |  P
2005-04-10non-creative (On Making VNs)English Bishoujo Games Encyclopedia |  M |  P
2005-04-00non-creative (Talk)Hentai at Animecon 2005
2005-04-00non-creative (Talk)Anime for Adults at Animecon 2005
2005-04-00non-creative (Talk)Virtual Tour of Tokyo at Animecon 2005 / Tokyo Hazard Driver
2005-03-28Original VNTransfer Teacher
2005-03-07non-creative (On Making VNs)Are They All Just For Kids? |  M |  P
2005-02-13non-creative (On Making VNs)Game Recognition Handbook |  M |  P
2005-01-24Original VNMilk Swim
2005-01-07non-creative (On Making VNs)Designing And Completing A Ren'Ai Game |  M |  P
2005-01-01Original VNMarry Me, Misato!

2004-12-28non-creative (On Making VNs)B-Games: The Dating, 2004 Edition Part 2 |  M |  P
2004-11-26non-creative (On Making VNs)B-Games: The Dating, 2004 Edition Part 1 |  M |  P
2004-11-14Original VNK*A*O*R*I
2004-10-24non-creative (Review)Slave Pageant |  M |  P
2004-09-19non-creative (On Making VNs)Fan-Made Bishoujo Games |  M |  P
2004-08-25non-creative (Review)EVE Burst Error |  M |  P
2004-07-31non-creative (Review)Dystopia |  M |  P
2004-07-23Original VNRiver Trap
2004-06-28non-creative (Review)Do You Like Horny Bunnies? 2 |  M |  P
2004-05-25non-creative (Review)Love Hina Advance |  M |  P
2004-05-22non-creative (Talk)Bishoujo Games (new) at Animefest 2004
2004-04-25non-creative (Review)Heart De Roommate |  M |  P
2004-04-05non-creative (Talk)Creating Your Own Anime Games at Animecon 2004
2004-04-04non-creative (Talk)Means of Expression in Anime at Animecon 2004
2004-04-04non-creative (Talk)Anime Genres at Animecon 2004
2004-03-21non-creative (Review)Phantom Of Inferno |  M |  P
2004-02-20non-creative (On Making VNs)Gyaruge 2003 |  M |  P
2004-01-21non-creative (Review)Virgin Roster ~ Shukketsubo |  M |  P
2004-01-15Original VNBlack Pencil

2003-12-13non-creative (Review)Girlfriend Of Steel |  M |  P
2003-11-12non-creative (Review)Najica Blitz Tactics |  M |  P
2003-10-26non-creative (On Making VNs)The Best Moments in Bishoujo Games |  M |  P
2003-09-13non-creative (Talk)Bishoujo Games at Istrocon 2003


2001-07-21non-creative (Review)Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within |  M |  P
2001-02-14ATP Projects(ATP website created)

The name ATP comes from "Anime Text Page", which was a website created by mikey in 2001 and hosted plain text lists of anime and later visual novel titles. In 2004 the first creative "project" by mikey was released (the "Black Pencil" visual novel) under the banner of "ATP Projects". The focus then quickly shifted to visual novels and as less and less lists were made, the site was renamed to "ATP Projects" later in 2004 as well. The name "ATP Projects" has been kept ever since, and is now used as home for all of mikey's activities.